World Read Aloud Day!

Being read to by a loved adult builds happy memories and reading confidence.

Start with short, fun reading sessions, and gradually make them longer as your child grows older – but always keep reading pleasant and interesting!

As they listen to you reading, children learn new words, deepen their understanding, build comprehension and general knowledge, and discover new ways of expressing their own thoughts. Reading aloud offers children opportunities to imagine things far beyond their own experiences.

As you read, take a moment to chat together about what the characters are doing, thinking, and feeling – your child’s critical thinking skills will soon strengthen!  Point out examples of kindness, determination, and optimism, or discuss challenges and choices the characters are making.

As your child grows older, continue reading together, and build a warm reading relationship over time.  You can continue to read aloud together long after your child reads fluently, and well into the teenage years.  Reading with teens will give you opportunities to discuss some of the challenging issues they face as they grow towards adulthood.

When you read aloud, you are together exploring increasingly sophisticated connections between adventures, intrigues and emotions, both child and adult are bonded participants – and that is exceptional.