The Institute of Training and Education for Capacity-building (ITEC) envisages a child-friendly South Africa where all children are able to access opportunities for optimal development.

We believe that children have the right to live in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment, and that they deserve the care and education that will equip them for tomorrow's world.

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Adopt-a-Library Campaign

Most schools in the Eastern Cape do not have functioning school libraries.  To help meet learners’ and teachers’ needs to access relevant and interesting reading materials, in 2010 ITEC initiated the Adopt-a-Library campaign.  Adopt-a-Library, a continuation of our existing library outreach, aims to match donor funds with schools that are keen to start or improve their library.

Since 2010, and thanks to a range of generous donors, ITEC has worked with 18 schools to provide support for 20 libraries.  Guided by the expressed needs of each school, ITEC Community Library staff provide practical support and advice on:

  • finding a suitable space for the library, or teacher resource library;
  • how to set out and furnish the library in the most effective and inviting way;
  • how to store and display the books and materials;
  • how to manage and administer the library;
  • and – most importantly – how to encourage learners and teachers to make best use of their library.

ITEC’s library staff source and obtain suitable books and materials for the particular needs of the school, and help to develop the school’s collection.

Our evaluation of the Adopt-a-Library programme shows that the most effective school libraries have a determined and enthusiastic champion, usually the principal or the school management team.  Good leadership is essential to overcome the considerable challenges many schools face,  including lack of space for a library, demands on the precious time of teacher-librarians, and inadequate budgets.

We welcome help from individuals or organisations.  If you can donate time, suitable books, furniture, expertise, or funds, please contact us at 043 7438333, or complete our volunteer form.

Relaxing with a good book at an Adopt-a-Library school